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Process Review

Regardless of the status of your current Loss Management Process, there are always opportunities to improve and make it more effective.

By utilising our extensive experience, across a large number of assets worldwide, we are able to assess your approach and provide insights on how to maximise performance and minimise losses. 

The exact scope obviously depends on a. number of factors, but typically an initial review and report takes less than a month. We can work remotely to reduce travel and impact, and our insights will quantify the realistic prize associated with any enhancements. To arrange for a free, no obligation call to discuss your specific needs, just click the link below:

BP Andrew platform

 production coach

Working as a Production Performance Advisor, we are able to use our knowledge and experience to identify opportunities for clients to increase production and reduce unplanned losses. 

This approach gives the client the flexibility of highly experienced and focussed support, but without the need to increase headcount or commit to long term contracts.

Currently this role can be performed remotely.

Business Meeting


For all aspects of maximising production we are able to provide experienced and highly effective consulting support. From setting up and using a Loss Management Process, all the way through to embedding a genuine barrel chasing culture across your organisation, we have the experience and the knowledge to help drive Best in Class performance. 

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