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coaching support

We understand that driving Operations or Production Excellence improvement programmes can be challenging. Having been at the sharp end of delivery for the past 25 years, we have many great insights and a wealth of experience to share.

To make this more accessible, we offer one to one remote coaching sessions. These are designed to provide the opportunity to discuss barriers and challenges, jointly find practical solutions. Delivered via Teams or Zoom, in either 30 min / 1 hour / 3 hour sessions.


frontline Coaching

We have a team of highly experienced and successful coaches able to work with you to support your change programme.

Each of us have more than 20 years coaching and leadership experience, and we have all worked in a variety of offshore and onshore assets.

But most importantly we all share a common passion for coaching.

This enables us to engage and develop our clients and their teams, and build sustainable success. 

Online Learning

coaching for coaches

We are regularly approached by experienced individuals that are looking to  develop their own coaching skills, either as part of their existing role or with a view to becoming coaches for their own clients.

We have developed an online coaching course that not only provides advice and insights, but we also share many of our experiences and our learning. Our aim is to share our many years of knowledge to enable more coaches to embrace this amazing and fulfilling vocation. 

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