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OPERATIONS excellence 

Over the past 25 years we have designed and delivered a large number of highly effective and sustainable Operations Excellence programmes.

At the core of every programme is the fundamental belief that within your organisation you already have the expertise to significantly improve performance. Your teams know the problems, and typically have the solutions. Our role is to guide and support both your frontline teams and your leaders, to create the environment where performance is owned and valued. 


Defect elimination

We use the proven approach of defect elimination as a key part of our Operations Excellence programmes. This enables us to tackle the many small defects that impact every organisation, and at the same time build engagement with the frontline teams.

With benefits across HSE, Production, Integrity and all aspects of the operations environment, this well established approach always delivers significant value.



There are 2 key parts to any Operations Excellence journey. The initial engagement of frontline teams, and the sustainability that will ensure value is delivered for many years to come. Our preferred method is to identify internal Champions, and develop them to drive the change and provide the internal leadership.

Champions come from all levels of the organisation, and provide this support as part of their regular roles. This is a highly effective approach on international assignments where language and culture are extremely important.

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