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Walking Under Gas Pipes

Coaching for Performance

Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence

Creating a sustainable culture of Operations Excellence brings a huge range of benefits to your organisation. Teams that genuinely believe that they are valued, and have real ownership of their performance, will always deliver better results.

Safe and Reliable Operations

Production Excellence

Expertise in optimising production, reducing unplanned losses, and developing a 'barrel chasing' culture.

Engaging frontline teams to maximise performance and deliver significant improvements.


Making Every Barrel Count

Continuous Improvement

The ability to continually strive to improve performance is key to any successful business, and we have the skills and experience to help you.

Our highly engaging and practical approach enables us to coach and develop your team.


Our Approach

At the core of everything we do at 56 North is a genuine passion for working with team members at all levels of an organisation and helping them to deliver sustainable change and performance.

We have a very pragmatic and practical style of coaching which enables us to quickly build trust and credibility with frontline teams, and unlock even greater performance. 

Our highly successful approach has been built over the last 20+ years, working in often harsh and extreme conditions with a wide range of teams and personnel. Often embedded with teams of nationals to help them raise operations and safety standards, while at the same time developing them as change champions to ensure that the change is sustainable. 

Effective coaching delivering improved performance.


Specialists in Operations Excellence and Production Improvement, our passion is working alongside our clients to engage their teams and drive sustainable performance improvements.

With more than 20 years experience in the Oil & Gas sector, maximising production and delivering sustainable culture change, we have the skills and experience to make a difference to your business.


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